Trisha Harp

Immediately after graduating from the University of Michigan, (B.A. Psychology) Trisha became he Co-Founder of On My Own of Michigan, a not-for-profit organization providing “real life” living skills and activities for young adults with developmental disabilities. It was during the creation of this program that she discovered the joys and frustrations of “entrepreneurship”. Following a successful tenure, Trisha’s leadership skills were coveted and recruited by both private and governmental agencies. Spending several years developing programs and strategic plans, Trisha’s interest and passion for entrepreneurship piqued.

Her ultimate access to the field increased steadily after marrying a serial entrepreneur. Since their union, Trisha has served as a founding team member of multiple enterprises as well as an active participant in the EO spousal component.

In 2007, Trisha earned an M.S. in Human Development and Family Science from the Ohio State University where the focus of her Master’s thesis was on “Spousal Satisfaction in Entrepreneurial Couples.” Since that time, she started the Harp Family Institute; a research-based, consulting firm that coaches couples where, one, or both of the partners, is an entrepreneur. After spending over 10 years studying and researching entrepreneurship and marriage, and their reciprocal impact on one another, Trisha is a recognized authority, with the world’s largest database on this topic. Trisha’s interactive seminar and workshops teach individuals and couples how to improve their personal happiness and business success through her analysis of the best practices of highly satisfied couples.

Trisha has been featured in Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and